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BTL Polska Sp. z o.o.
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"Greenpol" Instytut Kształtowania Środowiska Sp. z o.o.
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Mindray Medical Poland
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United Imaging Healthcare
United Imaging Healthcare Poland Sp. z o.o.
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Dräger Polska
Dräger Polska Sp. z o.o.
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ONIKO-Europe s.r.o.

ONIKO-Europe s.r.o.
ONIKO-Europe s.r.o.
Nazwa firmy: ONIKO-Europe s.r.o.
Adres: Pod Visnovkou 1662/21, 140 00 Praha, Czech Republic
Telefon: +420 608 893 918
NIP: CZ24285081
Przedstawiciel: Zdenek GREGORIADES
You are welcomed by the ONIKO team! 

ONIKO company has been created in 1992 

ONIKO is supplier of materials and the equipment for X-ray diagnostics in Ukraine from leading world manufacturers, as well as its own manufacture. 

The wide range of the equipment and materials for the industrial NDT, produced by the leading world companies, and delivered and launched by ONIKO, allows to solve the majority of problems where the information on a condition and properties of materials is required. 

ONIKO also advances high technologies on clearing and disinfection of drinking water and sewage. 

ONIKO® trade mark has been registered in Ukraine and Europe in 2000. 
The certificate 16284 from 15.09.2000 is given out by the State department of 
Intellectual property at the Ministry of Education and sciences of Ukraine. 

We began the development of individual protection means back in 2000, when the Law of Ukraine 15/98-?? from 14.01.98 “About protection of the person against influence of an ionizing radiation” was passed and the first in the country have mastered a batch production with 2001 (the registration certificate 296/2001 from 16.08.2001), a re-registration have passed in 2006 (the registration certificate ?5253/2006 from 18.07.2006. was passed. 

ONIKO company has been certificated on conformity to the international standard “System of quality management ISO 9001 – 2000” in 2005 and has received the appropriating certificate. In 2008 has passed audit successfully, and as the result its action has been prolonged up to 2011.

Activity objective of our company is:

1. Maintenance of medical establishments with materials and the equipment for X-ray diagnostics and treatments of crises of bones:

      • X-ray film - for the general radiology, fluorographic, dental, mammographic, dry processing and others;
      • film processing chemicals;
      • radio-opaque substances (barium sulphate, Bar-VIPS), for radioscopy;
      • X-ray rooms equipment;
      • X-ray protective products:
        • individual ones - for children, the personnel and patients, for surgery (aprons, waistcoats, skirts, gloves, glands’ protection, glasses and so forth);
        • collective ones built in the equipment - under-screen and lateral aprons for any devices and so forth;
        • collective ones for x-ray rooms - curtains, screens, lead-impregnated glasses and so forth.
      • equipment for X-ray-laboratories (development processors, arrangements for manual photochemical processing (AMPP), negatoscopes, nonactinic lights and so forth);
      • fracture treatment arrangements (hybrid grid).

2. Maintenance of medical educational establishments with products that allow reaching peak efficiency of preparation process of the medical staff:

      • anatomic models (models of skeletons and separate bones; models of torsos, muscles and separate parts of body; models on care of the newborn child);
      • models-simulators for medical receptions training (implementation of injections, catheterization, surgery, care of patients, reanimation and the help at traumas, ‘rescue of victims’) and medical preventive maintenance (preventive maintenance of AIDS, smoking);
      • posters, tables, slides and special models.

3. Maintenance of educational establishments with the equipment, laboratory devices, visual aids and other materials for biology, physics, chemistry rooms. 

4. Maintenance of the industrial companies with the equipment, chemical reactants and other materials of necessary for solving various problems of industrial defectoscopy and radiography (NDT) in such industries as: automobile, aerospace, nuclear, chemical, etc. 

5. Maintenance of the organizations and departments with the equipment and expendable materials necessary for disinfection and water treating problem solving in various fields of activity and regions of residence. Special attention is paid to regions suffering from disasters (flooding, water pollution...) and in remote areas.

The production offered by our company for X-ray diagnostic process, has passed the state registration and is brought in the Registry of products of medical purpose which are permitted for use in a clinical practice in Ukraine. 

Cooperating with the advanced world famous firms we constantly expand areas of our activity. The all-new direction extremely necessary for life, connected with clearing and disinfection of water. 

ONIKO is the official distributor of the AFGA Company (Belgium) in Ukraine. 
ONIKO is the official distributor of the SONY firm in Ukraine. 
ONIKO is the exclusive representative of the corporation MIOX Co. U.S. 
ONIKO is the official distributor of the DRGEM Co. (Korea) firm in Ukraine. 
ONIKO is the official distributor of the I Power Inc. (Korea) firm in Ukraine. 
I Power Inc 
ONIKO is an exclusive partner of “GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies” under the "AGFA NDT Film Systems", "SEIFERT X-ray Systems", "KRAUTKRAMER Ultrasonic Systems", "EVEREST VIT" and "HOCKING NDT" trade marks in Ukraine.