BTL Polska Sp. z o.o.
BTL Polska Sp. z o.o.
Adres: Leonidasa 49, 02-239 Warszawa
Telefon: 22 667 02 76

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"Greenpol" Instytut Kształtowania Środowiska Sp. z o.o.
Adres: Lubuska 15B, 66-016 Płoty
Telefon: 790 329 925

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Mindray Medical Poland
Adres: Cybernetyki 9, 02-677 Warszawa
Telefon: 22 463 80 80

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United Imaging Healthcare
United Imaging Healthcare Poland Sp. z o.o.
Adres: Aleje Jerozolimskie 142A/12/29, 02-305 Warszawa
Telefon: +48 532 792 666

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Dräger Polska
Dräger Polska Sp. z o.o.
Adres: Posag 7 Panien 1, 02-495 Warszawa
Telefon: 22 243 06 58

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Adres: ul Dekoracyjna 1c, 66-115 Zielona Góra
Telefon: 693 254 808

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RIOT Technologies

RIOT Technologies
RIOT Technologies
Nazwa firmy: RIOT Technologies
Adres: Czarnowiejska 50B, 30-054 Kraków
Telefon: -

RIOT Technologies took off in 2014 as a AGH University of Science and Technology spin off. Since than we are developing a cutting edge solutions for our clients around the Europe. As a core of our business we offer robots, various autonomous mobile platforms ranging from small research robots to heavy industrial solutions for warehousing and heavy goods transportation. As we strive to ensure a sustainable growth we are investing in new product groups and services. Therefore we are launching new products connected with medical and automotive markets.

Products and services:

RIOT Technologies offers a broad range of engineering services that encompass: 
Design and manufacturing of high precision mechanical parts and systems,
Embedded systems based on Linux.
Android applications (Qt environment)
C/C++ for automation (control algorithms) – x86, ARM, MIPS
FPGA – Altera (Quartus) IP Cores for:
vision Systems (FullHD resolutions HDMI / DVI),
control systems for actuators
real-time signals processing
Hardware and software/hardware implementation of control signal processing algorithms.
Application of artificial intelligence to control and real-time signal processing.
Application of vision systems to control and real-time monitoring and quality.
Computer modeling: CAD, FEM, multi-body, kinematics, modal, neural & fuzzy.
Hardware-In-Loop simulations.
Virtual prototyping (modeling and simulation).
Designing and modeling new concepts of frictionless flexures and mechanical structures with sub-nanometer resolution of movement
Development of novel concepts of micro-robots and micro-mechanisms.
Construction of prototype micro-mechanic structures.
Medical robots and medical equipments

in our wide range of offered goods we lay a special focus on such product groups as:

Mecanum wheeled platforms,
Mobile autonomous robots,
Direct-drive motors,
RFID systems,
Robots for autonomous inspections (3D thermal comfort mapping, non destructive testing)
Inspection and surveillance drones
Serial and parallel manipulators,
Medical equipment.